After a 6 month
Cee Cee Cafe pop-up
‍Akkurat Cafe is back.
Various brunch foods and drinks assembled on a green table und the sunlight.

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Pop-Up Closing Party

January 27, 2024

As the Cee Cee Cafe pop-up in this location comes to an end, it's time to bid farewell. Let's celebrate with a final gathering, express our gratitude to the entire staff, and raise a toast to the future!


Upcoming Events:

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Impressions of our past events:
Barista preparing a coffee tasting.
Artwork hanging on a white wall in Cee Cee Cafe.
Woman casually holding a bottle of natural wine.
Four women standing in a park with a dog, enjoying a sunny day outdoors.
Several people celebrating with wine glasses in hand, raising a toast to a joyous occasion.
A delicious brunch plate on a green table.
Many people gathered in the sunny lot in front of Cee Cee Cafe.
A tray with a refreshing drink and a chocolate brownie placed on it.
A person holding up a drinks menu.
A person holding a glass of wine on a table.
A woman wearing headphones at a DJ booth, focusing on mixing music and creating an immersive experience.
A person holding a plate of pizza and a glass of wine, enjoying a delicious meal.
A wooden tray with a cup of matcha latte and a slice of banana bread, perfect for a relaxing morning.
A woman pouring a glass of wine.
Friends gathered around a table at Cee Cee Cafe, enjoying each others company in the sun.
A coffee shop with artwork handing in the background.
A bottle of craft beer situated on a pink pedestal.
A woman wearing a black top is seated on a bench eating a snack.
Interior shot of the empty Cee Cee Cafe in the morning.
A woman holding a matcha latte into the camera.
A woman sitting at a sunlit outdoor table with a laptop, focused on her work.
Japanese Brunch set up on a green table.
Two people having breakfast together in a cafe.
A woman eating a plate of food with cake and berries on it.
Two men sitting on chairs, engaged in a conversation.
Two cups of coffee with beautiful latte art.
A woman wearing a white shirt, drinking wine with a friend.
A diverse group of individuals standing outside a building, engaged in conversation and socializing.

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Cee Cee Cups
Handmade in Berlin by local ceramicists Berliner Grau.
Cee Cee Cups
Handmade in Berlin by local ceramicists Berliner Grau.

Cee Cee Cups

€ 28.00 EUR

Cee Cee Berlin Buch No.2

€ 34.90 EUR

Cool! But who is Cee Cee?

Cee Cee is a weekly email magazine with hand-selected recommendations for Berlin and beyond.

We love to share. We are seekers, explorers, savvy net-surfers and world travelers. So it’s highly likely that we’ve heard a rumor about the next new bar that’s worth checking out, discovered a café where the ultimate cake is served, or clued-in to what currently serves best in digital or analogue entertainment.

We have been sharing our city tips since 2011 and thought it was about time we try our hand at running our own place.

For six months Cee Cee will take over Akkurat and put our spin on one of our most beloved cafes. We have always lived in the digital and we finally get to make things a bit more analog. The same great staff, and coffee, don’t fix what's not broken, right? We just add the cherry on top, weekend brunches, pop up events, and a place to openly collaborate with our community.

Speaking of collaboration, if you want to get involved let's grab a coffee, you know where to find us.
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